Solutions Bundle

The Solutions Bundle is the convergence of the concepts of a 'toolkit' and a 'medicine bundle'. These concepts come together in ethical space to provide ways for different groups to support Indigenous and community-led conservation in Canada. The Solutions Bundle will take the form of a compelling multimedia website with different entry points to resources and information describing the roles and responsibilities of each actor. Target audiences include:

  1. Indigenous Governments, Nations, and Peoples

  2. Federal Government and Agencies

  3. Provincial and Territorial Governments

  4. Regional and Municipal Governments

  5. Civil Society Organizations (including ENGOs and philanthropic organizations)

  6. Academic Institutions and Researchers

  7. Youth and Youth Educators (primary to high school-level)

  8. Private Sector (small to medium enterprises, ethical entrepreneurs, etc.)

  9. International Agencies and Organizations (IUCN, UN CBD, ICCA Consortium)

  10. The General Public

Each audience’s specific journey will move through three distinct phases of IPCA development: Initiation, establishment, and monitoring. Each phase is meant to guide––providing suggestions and tools––but ultimately allowing the user to design their own journey. This honours the concept of self-determination, which recognizes that the context of each individual and organization shapes every journey. The website will include templates, how-to guides, a diversity of examples, and links to key resources. Existing and emerging IPCAs will be consistently highlighted to provide real life examples.

The website will be exceptionally interactive, using videos, audio clips, visuals, and storytelling. We will include voices of leaders from every perspective.

A web platform is a comprehensive, accessible, and compelling way to share our message. There is no one-size-fits-all solution, but rather a tapestry of diverse stories, perspectives, knowledge, languages, cultures, and understandings about Mother Earth. In this diversity lies the solutions we need to benefit ecosystems and people in Canada. This collaboration is an example of the ethos of reconciliation that Indigenous and community-led conservation also seeks to bring about.

 We are at a critical juncture. It is clear that IPCAs will be integral to the success of conservation in Canada and there is growing momentum to actualize this vision. Despite existing will and knowledge, there lacks clear direction and action. It is time to start blazing the trail together. The Solutions Bundle is a set of resources, tools, and stories that will serve each of us on our journeys.

Until the formal web platform is developed and ready to launch, information about the Solutions Bundle will be housed here on the IISAAK OLAM Foundation website.