Peace and Friendship Nation

Credit: River Voice Productions

Credit: River Voice Productions

Canada: A Peace and Friendship Nation

Canada is a multinational Euro-Indigenous state. The constitutional foundation stones of the country we know today as Canada was built upon sacred treaty relationships between European and Indigenous nations in the spirit and practice of peace and friendship. These relationships were with one another, with Mother Nature, and with the Creator.

Natural Law of Generosity

There is an unspoken Natural Law that requires us to respect that which has been provided, walk in the world with a grateful heart, and be generous with others. It is not just Indigenous Peoples that upheld this; elder societies all over the world had generosity, love, and compassion as guiding principles and organizing concepts for how their societies worked.

The traditional Whale Hunt

In Nuu-chah-nulth and other coastal societies of the Pacific Northwest, hunting a whale was an important way to put the Natural Law of generosity into practice. Multiple whales would be hunted in one lifetime and each whale would provide a massive influx of resources to a nation/community. (A whale in today’s economy would be worth several million dollars.) However, when you brought home a whale, you wouldn’t keep it for yourself; you would share it with everyone. This generosity is one of the core elements of Indigenous economies and this stems from the ultimate responsibilities that we all have when we receive the bounty of nature.

The Modern Whale Hunt

The ISAAK OLAM Foundation is creating a modern, figurative whale hunt society; we are catalyzing a movement of empowered individuals and organizations that want to work together to create a peaceful economy based on generosity and reciprocity. The whale serves as a metaphor for how wealth can be shared with all of humanity regardless of skin colour, gender, or geography.


The Origin Story of Canada

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Rediscovering Canada's Origin Story through Reconciliation By Eli Enns

Learn about developing a network of Reconciliation Zones, and Peace and Friendship Regions across Canada with this video.